Guilty Pleasures

We all have what we call “guilty pleasures”. Let’s be honest, these guilty pleasures are what sometimes gets us through the day!

I have a few of my guilty pleasures listed below. Maybe they are some of yours or some that maybe you can adopt.

~Milk Chocolate- I LOVE milk chocolate and it is a cure-all for a stressful at work, with the kids, or whatever is making me a bit stressed. I am a very generous person but when it comes to milk chocolate, I tend to want to keep it to myself! I have a short that says “I would give up chocolate, but I’m no quitter”.

~Candles- I absolutely am obsessed with candles. I have to admit that I am an Indedent Distributor for Mia Bella (Scent Sations, Inc.) soy candles and have many people hooked on them as well. My husband likes to burn them too but he would not admit it. I often hear him ask me, “how many candles do you have?” (This is where I say, “I don’t know”.)

~Shopping- What woman does not like to shop? Well I do know of a few but I LOVE to shop! I will confess, typically I end up buying things for my kids and not for me, but it still makes me feel good.

~Shoes- This is a new guilty pleasure for me. I have always loved shoes, but recently I have had a passion for heels. Now if only I had a place to wear them to show them off!

~Wine- This is another new guilty pleasure for me. I just recently started trying different types of wine. So far I learn more towards a nice red sweet wine!