About Me

Hi! I am Dawn and I am a wife and a mother of two very busy children. I have been inspired to start this blog because many people have told me how I have inspired or motivated them. My other inspiration comes from my children! They have inspired me to continue to stay motivated!

It started when I was graduating with my Bachelor’s degree and found out I was pregnant with my first child (a girl). I ended up being extremely sick (diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum) and continued to work full time and decided to continue my education and started my Master’s program (online). After many ER trips and a hospital stay or two, I continued to work full time and keep up with school. Even when my daughter was born I had an online class going and did not blink and eye and continued through. When my daughter was 3 I had my second child (a boy) I was still working and going to school. I, again, continued without a thought of quitting. Having two very busy children, working and working on two Master’s degrees I was told that I should be proud of myself for my accomplishments.

I love to see people happy and like to help people see things in a positive way by encouraging and motivating them in many ways. I thought it over several times over the last year or so, that I wanted to have a blog where I could offer motivation, inspiration, ideas, and offer giveaways to moms all over! After all, being a mom should be rewarding!